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Can international students on study visas work or be employed? 🧐

January 31, 2024

Jinyoung Kim
Hello! This is KOWORK!
As the number of international students entering domestic universities in Korea continues to rise, inquiries about their employment are increasing every year. 😊
Many corporate representatives are curious about whether they can hire international students, and they often have concerns about legal issues.
So, this time, we want to delve into the topic of employment for international students studying in Korea.
Fields Open to Employment for International Students
International students (D-2, D-4) usually have the purpose of "study" for their entry, so they are generally limited to

hourly employment (simple labor, etc.), meaning part-time jobs.

For example, tasks like conversation instructors, professional translators, and overseas marketing fall under the employment scope of E-7 (professional employment), making them

impossible to work

. However, activities like

simple translation, office support, sales assistants, etc., are possible.

Additionally, part-time employment in manufacturing, construction, English kids' cafes, delivery services, etc., is not allowed.
Targeted International Students for Employment

For students under the study visa,

(1) Grades: Average grades of the last semester before the application date should be C grade (2.0) or above (excluding those currently in their first semester with no issued grades).
(2) Korean language proficiency criteria
μŠ€ν¬λ¦°μƒ· 2024-01-31 μ˜€ν›„ 2.21.56.png

For language course students,

(1) Duration of stay: Must have passed 6 months from the date of change of stay status (for visa holders, the entry date).
(2) Language school attendance criteria: The attendance rate should be above 90% for the entire enrollment period.
(3) Korean language proficiency criteria
μŠ€ν¬λ¦°μƒ· 2024-01-31 μ˜€ν›„ 2.22.03.png
Allowed Working Hours for Employment (As shown below)
μŠ€ν¬λ¦°μƒ· 2024-01-31 μ˜€ν›„ 2.22.07.png
Documents Required for Employment Preparation for International Students

Documents that international students need to prepare include:

  1. Passport
  2. Alien Registration Card
  3. Integrated Application Form
  4. Grades or Attendance Certificate
  5. Proof of Korean language proficiency

Documents that companies need to prepare include:

  1. Copy of Business Registration Certificate
  2. Copy of Standard Labor Contract
  3. Confirmation of Compliance with Requirements for Hourly Employment of International Student
  4. Copy of Employer's ID

Documents that need to be obtained from the school include:

  1. Confirmation of Hourly Employment for International Student (μ‹œκ°„μ œ μ·¨μ—… ν™•μΈμ„œ)
Consequences of Illegal Employment Without Hourly Employment Permission
  1. In the case of construction and manufacturing, regardless of the number of offenses, a first-time offense results in a mandatory departure within 30 days, with deferred entry restrictions.
  2. Violators of hourly employment permission may face restrictions on changing to job-seeking status (D-10) after graduation.
We have seen many cases where individuals forgot about illegal employment during their student years and ended up having their D-10 or E-7 visas invalidated, leading to fines. πŸ₯²
Although it may seem a bit troublesome, taking care of your own future or the future of the international student talents as an employer is crucial!
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact KOWORK anytime πŸ’™
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