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Changing from D-4 visa to E-7 visa just one month - Customer Review

October 13, 2023

Ina Yoon
If you are studying abroad, it is essential that you may or may not be able to work. Just like Korea. It is often necessary to cancel a visa. In that respect, I am satisfied with the D-4 visa and prefer the much more efficient process and combination that has been changed to the E-7 visa. We will tell you the story of a special person from an ethnic minority who recently visited our Kowork. I would like to ask for a review that took less than a month to change from D-4 to E-7 visa.
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1. Customer Situation

The Indonesian national had a bachelor's degree in graphic design and had graduated in his home country. After graduation, I was studying at a university language school on a D-4 visa to receive Korean language education in Korea. When you came to Kowork, there was already a month left until D-4, so you had to change from D-4 to E-7 within that time.

2. Change Document Process

If you hold a D-4 visa, the visa documents are much more complicated. Foreigners who graduated with a bachelor's degree overseas must submit a notarized overseas degree certificate and proof of work experience of at least one year. Additionally, the process of finding a company that sponsors an E-7 visa within one month is not easy.
It would have been easier if it was possible to change the visa from D-4 to D-10, but since this person was in an urgent situation where changing the D-10 visa was not possible, it was urgent to find a suitable company to sponsor the job and visa within a month. I did. It was not an easy challenge for Kowork, but since our service was so desperately needed, we were determined to make this case a success.
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3. The role of Kowork

I don't think any company can guarantee anything in this case. Kowork was like that too, but we focused on this person’s strengths. Since he had a design-related portfolio and his Korean language skills were TOPIK level 5 or higher, the interview was not a big problem. We conducted matching with companies that could utilize those strengths.
With our know-how, we made many matches so quickly that we had 7 interviews in a week. After about 2 weeks, a company conducting overseas investment and management consulting announced its intention to hire us, which made it possible to change our visa.

4. Support for completing visa documents

Kowork quickly and accurately provided the company with the documents needed to issue an E-7 visa and how to write an employment contract. There cannot be any delay! After gathering all the documents for the company and the foreigner, I was able to select the appropriate E-7 visa code and complete the visa application the week before the visa expiration. Please note that during the visa change review period, the visa period is automatically extended even if the visa expires. It was a busy schedule for about a month, but I had a sense of accomplishment.

5. Successful Visa Change Results

One month later, this foreigner succeeded in obtaining an E-7 visa, and is currently working well at the company. I heard reviews saying that he was demonstrating his design capabilities well while traveling to various countries. We felt proud when we heard that if it weren't for us, their visas would have expired and they would have returned to their home countries.


Changing your visa in a short period of time can be a complicated process, but it is possible if you receive proper support from Kowork and make a quick match. As such, we at Kowork are doing our best to ensure that your visa change process goes smoothly. In the case of visas, each individual's situation is different, so if you have any questions, please contact us through
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