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Korea National Open University, Foreigners residing abroad can enroll

November 14, 2023

Ina yoon
Everyone, today I would like to share good news with foreigners living abroad. This is really good news because you can attend a Korean university even if you do not live in Korea.
Korea National Open University announced that foreigners living overseas will be able to enroll in Korean universities starting from the recruitment of new and transfer students for the first semester of the 2024 school year.
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But there are qualifications, right? The educational requirements for foreigners living abroad are the same as for domestic students. Please see below for more details.
[Freshman] △A person who has graduated (or is expected to) graduate from high school or has the same level of education as required by law.
[Transfer student] △A person who has graduated (or is expected to graduate) from a university or college, or has an educational level equivalent to that required by law. △Those who have completed at least 1 year of study at a 4-year university (including various schools) or have the same level of education as required by law
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It is said that in order for a foreigner living abroad to enroll in a Korean university as an overseas student, he or she must live abroad for more than 3 months.
Additionally, you can apply to 20 majors out of 24 majors, excluding department with practical courses. They say that if you enroll as an overseas student, you do not need to attend. You can take Korean university classes and grade evaluations 100% remotely from overseas.
Then you will have a Korean university diploma, right?
As students are enrolled in Korean universities, classes at Korea Open University are conducted only in Korean, and grades such as mid-term and final exams are submitted as assignments.
For information on how to apply for admission, please refer to the Korea National Open University admissions website.
There is also a process where you need to send the original, but it is said to be valid until arrival on January 3rd, so take care of it carefully!
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